Ali Ahmed Hussain Khan – one of the veterans and maestros of shehnai– an instrument which is a very integral part of Indian Classical musical culture. The  importance of shehnai cannot be overlooked. This instrument is played at every  joyous occasion be it marriage, puja or a musical conference. Ali Ahmed Hussain  Khan has been instrumental in taking the Indian classical musical culture to various international destinations. He has enhanced the pride of India.

He has applied his unique and innovative style and literally reinvented the form of shehnai by way of its application in gayki, sur meend, pukaar, tantkari, baat ki taan,sapat ki taan and joud and jhala .

He has played many a ragas which are traditionally not played by this instrument.


Late Ustad Nazir Hussain Khan regularly enchated the TagoreMaharaj family by playing fantastic sur on his shehnai.

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